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  •  Trevor Marshall: 
    True, Leonid, but my own observations also support the work of Belpomme, Campagnac and Irigaray - who have found that Electrosmog Sensitivity is a common comorbidity of MCS (he uses the generic MCS notation). Download their paper here:

    We cannot continue to talk about 'perception' without looking at the way 4G and WiFi Radiation affects the brain, altering cognition and making it very difficult to identify stimuli.
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  •  Leonid Pavlovich Churilov: 
    they may have autoimmune thyroiditis or at least hyperprolactinemia caused by hypothyroidism
    t3 ameliorate their status because suppress hyperprolactinemia and/or because t3 accelerates the apoptosis of some lymphoid clones
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