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Risk of sarcoidosis and seropositive RA

Objective: To study the impact of occupational silica exposure on the incidence rates of sarcoidosis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in a cohort of exposed workers in Swedish iron foundries - A retrospective cohort study

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  •  Trevor Marshall: 
    Sir MacFarlane Burnet, in the 1958 'Cutter Lecture on Preventative Medicine', drew together several decades of epidemiological data from the 30's 40's and 50's to show that ionizing radiation caused disease, decades after the widespread introduction of X-Rays into the therapeutic environment. A similar change in thinking must occur now, as the past few decades of increasing exposure to non-ionizing radiation has built up to the point where studies are showing that it, too, is a major factor in immune disease.
    (our paper on this topic is at: )

    The 'silica' line of thinking has been around for fifty years. Has it resulted in a cure? No! Is it worth the paper it is printed on? Not IMO. We should be thinking about the Induction Furnaces used in these Foundries - non-ionizing radiation - the path to understanding starts there, not at silica.

    Here is my presentation at Moscow First State Medical University on Diabetes and Electrosmog:
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